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IP Office Essential Edition increases the capability and capacity of Basic Edition, therefore provides businesses with the tools to deliver customer service excellence at a competitive price point.


Every call is an opportunity. Calls that are not answered or not answered correctly, can result in lost revenue. The right messaging solution can enable small businesses to improve customer service levels, enhancing competitiveness and revenue opportunities. IP Office Essential Edition provides a cost-effective way for businesses to implement effective call management processes and efficient call handling. Essential Edition is enabled via the IP Office Essential Edition licence.

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12 Months warranty and 1 year FREE support

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12 Months FREE support

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12 Months warranty


Our Basic Key Systems

Business benefits
  • Improve Customer Service through call handling: efficient call handling via touch tone prompts and call routing means that customers quickly connect to the right person, every time
  • Better Revenue Opportunities: 24/7 auto­attendant effectively means a business is always open to receive customer orders at no additional cost
  • Enhanced productivity: users can access and manage messages regardless of location
  • Delivering superior customer service delivers competitive advantage: offers customers superior service while also increasing decision making and productivity. This can give a small business a distinct competitive advantage
  • Cost Effective: no dedicated server is required
  • Mobility: mobilise the workforce to provide improved customer service and productivity
Key Features
  1. Scalable: to a maximum of 6 voicemail ports
  2.  Voicemail: voicemail box for every IP Office user with up to 25 hours of storage time (system wide)
  3. Auto­Attendants: up to 40 automated attendants (maximum 4 simultaneous calls) with customisable greetings and call routing options
  4. Dial By Name: callers can easily reach the person they want to connect with by typing the name on the phone keypad
  5. Remote Voicemail Retrieval: a range of options enable workers to stay connected regardless of their location
  6. Voicemail Message Control: control messages via the phone; save, delete, forward, repeat, rewind and skip message
  7. Mobile Twinning: mobile twinning and one­X Mobile Essential Edition client for all users
  8. VPN Phones: enables 4 remote VPN phone
  9. Audio Conferencing: up to 128 party audio conferencing
  10. Multiple Language Support


2­- 100 Telephone users – Adds to Basic Edition

  •  IP PBX functionality
  • Mix of Digital, Analog or IP Telephones
  • Up to 40 Auto attendants
  • One­X Mobile Essential (all users)
  • Basic call control on mobile device
  • 128 party ad hoc only audio conferencing

Up to 4 remote phones/system

  • Voicemail
  • VOIP/SIP Trunks
  • Installation onto existing wiring
  • Fully Expandable to all other editions

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Lantel prides itself in using only the best in class telecoms and Phone systems technologies. Since 2004 Lantel has been an Acredited Certified partner of Avaya.

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