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Business Phone Lines


Business Phone Lines and Broadband

One of the biggest issues facing customers today is ordering and reporting faults with phone lines.
Regardless of your business requirements, whether it’s a complex ISDN30 or SIP circuit for a large business or a straightforward PSTN line and broadband, we have a wealth of experience to ensure you get a service you can always rely on.
We can liaise with your current carrier or else provide our own lines.
Lantel has an array of additional services available and depending on your requirements, we can provide the complete solution for your business.
• Standard PSTN Lines
• ISDN Basic & Primary lines
• Broadband
• 1800 & 0818 Locall services
• SIP Trunking-
Lantel have our own SIP/VOIP service which allows you to make cheap National/Mobile and international calls at a fraction of the cost you are already paying without any impact to your own current PBX infrastructure.
If you feel that you have a high National/Mobile or international call costs then we would be more than happy to present our proposal.
Benefits of Lantel SIP/VOIP proposal
• Competitively priced National/Mobile and International calls
• Backup phone lines in the event of Carrier PSTN/ISDN Faults
• Original caller ID shown on calls diverted to mobiles.
• Easy to setup for customers with Avaya IP Office
• Low cost setup for customers with Avaya IP Office
• Call Quality Monitoring
• Redundant Data centres
• Secure and Reliable
• Responsive support
• Calls can be routed to specific only destination’s if required
• Maintain your current PBX Infrastructure