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Business Relocation

Whenever your business needs to move offices, it is equally important to retain if possible your business phone lines, business phone systems and business broadband.
Business relocation and business expansion presents a perfect opportunity to assess your business needs, make employee relocation smoother, and move or upgrade the telecommunications infrastructure to minimise downtime during the move.
Often overlooked, it is very important to ensure that your business phone lines and phone system can also be moved.

• Is your new office withing the same geographical area of your existing local telephone exchange?
• Does your new office location have the right comms connectivity or available connections to support high-speed business fibre broadband or leased lines?
• Is the new office structured wiring capable of managing your new or existing phone system.
• Would your business benefit from moving to a more cost-effective cloud telephone solution and subscription package which is flexible to scale with your business to accommodate seasonal fluctuations?
These are just a few of the decisions that a business needs to consider before moving office, however, with a wide variety of solutions available, Lantel has t a wealth of experience to ensure a smooth and competitive transition.